Christ the Life Preschool & Childcare

The purpose of both Christ the Life Church & School is: 

To go and make disciples of Jesus, through Word and Sacrament ministry, in humble service to people of all ages. 

Core Values:                                                                          
  * We stand firmly on God's Word and Lutheran Theology.
* We rejoice in serving the needs of God's people.
* We model the love of Christ.
* We warmly and gently nurture God's children.
* We are not afraid to try new things and learn from mistakes.


Registration is open! 

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Register now for 3K, 4K, and STEAM Lab Childcare for 2024/2025.

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We provide a variety of enrichment opportunities for young learners, including:


Childcare in our STEAM Lab

Summer Enrichment (for ages 2 1/2 and toilet trained to entering 1st Grade)

At Christ the Life, we realize that parents have lots of choices as to where to send their child to preschool in our area.  Our program strives to be different than any other program.  We do not spend our day sitting at a desk, doing worksheets.  That might work for adults in the working world, but it is not how God designed young minds to learn.  We use a play-based model in our classrooms.  Young children are active learners so we teach in an active way.  We prepare our students for Kindergarten over the two years we offer preschool.  Our program has a great reputation in the community.  Ask some of the local Kindergarten teachers what they think of a student from Christ the Life. 

We use nature as the basis for a lot of our teaching during the year.  There is a rhythm to the seasons, and we try to use that in the classroom.